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IMG_R134-color-croppedWe’ve been doing IT Support for Small Businesses in Sacramento since 2003. Over the years it’s become claer that we have a great responsibility to our clients to provide strong, secure, solid solutions for businesses, and at a price within their budget.

Because technology has changed so much in the last few years, it’s now more complex, and thus it takes a lot more effort to achieve the level of security and stability a business needs. Today businesses needs real assurance that their computers are healthy, that backups are working, and that their security plan is solid and protecting them.

Most IT companies wait for disasters to hit, and then come in and clean up the mess, often costing the business lots of money, downtime and headache.

We eliminate this problem with flat rate, unlimited support plans
. We build in monitoring for your backups, critical systems, server, networking equipment, all workstations and any other device connected to your network.

In solving this problem, we now help businesses stay ahead instead of behind, and usually at a lower cost than the reactive hourly support services they were receiving before.

If you think you might be a good fit for our unlimited flat rate services, give us a call at 916.358.7368 for a free consultation.