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Webroot – Superior US Based Security Software

Webroot is a US based Security company from Colorado who makes desktop and server Endpoint protection from viruses and malware. It works on both Mac and Windows computers, once installed, it Uuses very little resources and updates automatically. It scans daily for threats and of course has strong real-time protection.

It provides instant protection against new threats: Webroot SecureAnywhere is the first security solution to leverage comprehensive application behaviors to determine the categorization of all software, good and bad. All of the protection is delivered from a cloud database so users never have to bother with time-consuming signature updates. Every file that tries to run on a PC is analyzed and the data is fed into Webroot’s threat intelligence network in the cloud. Within seconds, everyone around the world using Webroot SecureAnywhere is protected from the newest threats. If a computer is offline, Webroot SecureAnywhere monitors the system and if malicious activity is observed, it will take action against it automatically.

For techs, they’ll appreciate the roll back feature “What Happens if Webroot Misses a Virus“. It features 124 settings they can customize, and advanced tools for diagnosing security problems.

It plays nice with others – and can either replace or work alongside your existing antivirus software. Webroot SecureAnywhere is fully compatible with other mainstream antivirus products and will work alongside any existing antivirus software to detect and remove any threats it misses, and to protect your financial and personal information. You will not be asked to uninstall your existing antivirus when installing Webroot
SecureAnywhere like other products.

“In our independent testing, PassMark found that Webroot used the least resources and had the least impact on system performance out of the products tested; it ranked the highest – scoring 90 points out of a possible 98 points, 38 points higher than the next best competitor – in our testing of 14 different performance metrics,” said David Wren, Managing Director, PassMark Software.

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