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Sacramento IT SecuritySecurity is more important than ever!  Nobody thinks it will happen to them, but then it happens – someone clicks something they shouldn’t and suddenly the Accounting files are gone or corrupted.  It happens!  But it usually only happens to companies who were not prepared, who thought “It won’t happen to me”.

At 916 Networks, we work to give you an overall strategy for security, not just a quick piece of software for fake piece of mind.  Having worked with hundreds to thousands of small businesses over the years has given us a proven strategy for simple, secure networks.

If you face any compliance requirements, such as HIPAA, PCI or SOX, or you just want your network to be as secure as possible, our Compliance services are affordable and have proven to discover hidden problems and fix holes you never knew existed.

Contact us today with any questions on your current situation or what we can do to help keep your network and data safe and secure.