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916 Networks Predictable IT Costs

IT Support can be unpredictable, and on the hourly services model so are the monthly costs.  What business enjoys getting a large bill at the end of the month that they didn’t plan for?

We decided to offer our clients a more predictable model in terms of costs and service.

On the service side, we are not just the “IT guy on call”, we detect problems and solve them before they become big problems, which increases productivity for end users and reduces downtime.  Your staff will appreciate the unlimited support plans – no longer will they be forced to suffer through computer problems just to save the company some money.

On the financial side, predictable costs mean no more spikes in your monthly bill, and you can budget appropriately.  And with our monitoring, we can generally detect failures before they occur, saving money by allowing us to fix the problem before it becomes a total failure with downtime.

Each network is different, so talk to us to find out if your network qualifies for our predictable cost IT Services.