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Make a White Background Transparent in Photoshop

traffic-cone-icon-5121. Open the image file with the white background in Photoshop by going to the “File” menu and choosing “Open.”

2. Click “Select” and then “Color Range.” Change “Fuzziness” to 0 and next to “Select:” choose “Sampled Colors.” With the color picker, click the white background in your image.

3. Click the “Invert” check box in the selection window and click “OK.” This will select everything in your image that is not white. Click “Edit” and then “Copy” to copy this selection to the clipboard.

4. Create a new Photoshop file by going to the “File” menu and choosing “New.” Next to “Background Contents,” choose “Transparent” and click “OK.” Your file will have a checkered background, denoting transparency.

5. Click “Edit” and then “Paste” to paste your image onto your new file’s transparent background.

6. Click “File” and choose “Save as.” Save your new file as either a TIFF, GIF, PNG or PSD file.

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