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1. We Solve IT Issues BEFORE they Become Issues.

If you are tired of your computers breaking, and then having expensive bills to fix them (only for a short time until they break again), ask us if you qualify for one of our cost effective, proactive support plans. Our 916 Protect service offering monitors health, security, backups and more in real time, giving us a constant pulse on you network and computers.

2. Predictable Costs and Unlimited Support Plans

If you’re tired of spikes in your bills that kill your monthly bottom line, look at our flat rate unlimited support plans. We eliminate the worry over unpredictable IT costs, and allow you to create a true IT budget. It also means your entire organization can get support when they need it without costing the company additional money.

3. Responsive Support

We have friendly people who know how to support you.We know that when you have computer problems, it’s horribly frustrating.  We’re on your side, and understand getting you back up as quickly as possible is essential.  We’re patient and diligent, and understand that Short Term Fixes might need Long Term Solutions to truly solve your problem. We’ll take care of the immediate issue and track the progress of the Long Term fix to ensure we’re continuously working towards proactive solutions.

4. We’re Easy to Work With

Because who wants to work with difficult people anyways? We answer our phones live, don’t have employee turnover and have a smaller staff of smart efficient people vs. a large staff of underpaid and inadequate support!  Our people are our greatest asset, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how easy IT support can be.

5. We Answer our Phones Live

When you call us, you want to talk to someone.  So we answer our phones live instead of sending you through an annoying auto-attendant. This enables you to speak to someone faster and not end up in a voicemail tree loop.